In a recent article in the Daily Mail, our  head designer and CEO Julian Prieto shared some of his top hacks for boosting storage space and making small homes appear larger.

Julian said “An option open to most homeowners is making the most out of the space under stairs and roofs. The Japanese are great for inspiration as masters of improving tiny spaces with clean lines. Their minimalist approach works well in anything from period properties to studios and 1-bed apartments.”

He added “Before starting any project, invest the time in considering how the space will be used and what storage you will need. Where are your hoover, ironing board and mop going to go? What about shoes, coats, sports equipment and suitcases? The better the space planning, the nicer your home will be to live in.”

“You can also use big, bold artworks as statement pieces to create a sense of place, demonstrate your sense of style and also distract the eye from the room’s small proportions.”


Here are some of Julian’s top tips by room:


  • Choose a slightly narrower and taller wardrobe to eliminate wasted space above your wardrobe
  • A divan bed with internal storage or boxes as bedside tables are ideal for adding flexible storage
  • Using cabinets will increase storage without compromising design



  • A vanity unit with concealed storage works well in combination with an exposed shelf at tap height
  • Avoid wall-mounted cabinets above sinks as they bring the walls closer and can make a space feel claustrophobic
  • Build recessed storage in the shower/bath area where possible. This will limit clutter and maintain clean lines
  • Consider a toilets are available with smaller cisterns and a small footprint
  • Pocket doors are perfect for creating a seamless, spacious feeling



  • The gap between kitchen units and the ceiling is wasted space. Build your units up to the ceiling to eliminate this
  • Consider shelving above worktops rather than cabinets
  • Floor-to-ceiling storage results in clean lines and you can hide less attractive kitchen appliances and clutter
  • Colour is a great way to give the illusion of space in the kitchen


If you have a project your are considering and would like to speak to Julian, give us a call on 0207 112 9081 or email


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