Edge2 have observed a real increase of late in the popularity of projects undertaken converting a house into apartments.


More clients want us to undertake this type of renovation project on their behalf. This trend doesn’t appear to be showing signs of slowing in the near future.

Converting a house into apartments can yield a comparatively higher income in the short term from individual rents plus a greater capital return in the longer term once the property is sold, either as a whole or individually.

Target Markets

Converting a house into apartments has a number of advantages.

For example, in a typically high value area it introduces property at lower individual prices in a sought after postcode. This significantly widens your customer base. Aspiring, affluent young professionals are snapping up apartments, finished to exceptionally high standards, they become the chic home they wish for without the freehold price tag.

image: kfh.co.uk

Another advantage of a luxury apartment conversion is the appeal to the business commuter, who with a family in a rural or more suburban setting has their eye on an inner city crash pad. Again a high standard of finish and convenience adding appliances and techie accessories make these an easy sell to those wanting a bit more of a home from home than just another hotel room.

Designing the Layout

Pulling together the design of the layout of an apartment conversion can be a real headache. Ensuring that the individual finished properties each have their unique access whilst maximising the internal space can be a real conundrum. Fire regulations, building regulations, all influence that layout. It’s not always as simple as extending the current stair case.

Let us complete the design and we will ensure that these headaches are removed. We will work with you through the design process with detailed drawings & 3D models ensuring your vision for the project is executed exactly.


We will help you create an accurate and comprehensive budget for the project. We can compile all the associated costs with those vital works that must be completed including:

  • Planning approval from the local planning department
  • Building regulation approval
  • Installing new utility meters
  • Fitting a new kitchen and bathroom
  • Finance for development
  • Sound deadening & tests
  • Separate boilers
  • Separate heating systems
  • Creating additional entrances
  • Decorating costs

We will then work with managing the costs through our in-house teams. This ensures that we have full control of the costs of the project, meaning you have full control and visibility.

Planning Consent

We are always keeping a watchful eye on local projects and can often identify similar projects that can then be turned to your advantage when applying for planning consent for your own conversion project.

As we complete a review of these projects they often yield new ideas too which you may wish to incorporate in your design.

We will manage the planning and building regulations application for you.