Buying a property in London, whether for the first time or as your life evolves, is stressful.

You are about to spend more money than you can count and to make things even worse, every article, report or conversation you have regarding property at the moment is of the doom and gloom variety.

However, if you are looking to move up the ladder and the market is moving down, you can snap a fixer upper at a great price.

The challenge if the market continues to drop, is that your property is also going to be worth less when you come to your next move up the ladder. So how can you ensure your property retains it’s value so you can raise the extra funds you need for your next deposit?

Simple, you have to set the right budget and turn your property from a fixer upper into a turnkey before you put it on the market. So, by the time you come to sell your property, the price reflects the works you’ve done and it brings in the extra cash you need.

The key to success is making clever investment decisions, focus on areas where you can add value and avoid the temptation to be seduced by finishes you’d love but won’t add value.

Take Katharina from Southfields SW18, for example, who recently contacted us to upgrade her 1 bed apartment to afford a 2 bed in the same area. She invested £24k in the renovations, which generated a £61k price increase from the previous valuation. Find out More…

Remember,  penny pinching is not solution – clever investment is the only way to climb up the property ladder in these uncertain times.

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