In this article we look at a couple of the in which some of the more quirky design features can add significant value to your home. Some of these ideas are not for the faint hearted but deliver real individuality to your renovation project.

Bring the Outside In

The first of our quirky design features is to blend house and garden. London homes often suffer from a lack of garden space, leaving the conundrum of should I extend and lose the garden? More space inside will be best won’t it? Or, If I lose too much garden, could I alienate future buyers.

When planning your full house renovation why choose between one and the other when you can have both?

At Edge2 we can develop great design ideas which can bring garden spaces to life, yet adding additional indoor living space at the same time.

How about choosing the same stone for an internal wall as that used in the garden, running the two together joined by a single full height window.

Using glass not just as a barrier to the elements but an opening to the outside world.

Just a few of the ways in which gardens can be added to day to day living space, extending your room to live.


Just Add a Garage

But not just any garage!

You believe your classic car is a work of art, so why not display it in your home like one, with a glass wall garage.

Show off your vintage car collection in the ultimate style.

It’s a simple room, but it creates a statement piece within your home.

You can include carefully tuned lighting to enhance the painstakingly achieved deep deep shine, exhaust extracts to enable you listen to the symphonies produced by that legendary power plant. Though, don’t forget to include some sound proofing so you don’t wake the children or upset the neighbours.


Carefully selecting more “away from the norm”, quirky design features for a renovation project, really helps to make the most of those things close to your heart, brings them out of the dark and into your lives.

Contact Julian at Edge2 to discuss how he can bring these projects to life with a with a bespoke solution through a free design consultation.