When it comes to home renovation, be it a buy-to-let, a buy-to-sell or just improving your own home, achieving a high-end finish without breaking the bank is key.

One of the hottest design trends in London at the moment is marble.

This incredibly stunning material can have a huge impact in any room, giving it instant wow factor. But it can also be incredibly expensive, making it out of reach for most of us.

Thankfully, there is now an alternative – Book Matched tiles.

Made from porcelain, Book Matched tiles are inspired by some of the world’s most stunning and desirable marbles. They are ultra-thin, easy to install, and used to create one spectacular design – making a fantastic feature to a newly renovated property.

Best of all, they cost a fraction of the price of real marble.

They are very durable and low maintenance. Real marble needs constant TLC to keep them it looking good, porcelain tiles don’t. Regular cleaning will keep them looking spotless for years.

Book Matched tiles can be used on walls, floors or ceilings and come in a wide range of styles.

Here are some of the London companies supplying these tiles:

Porcelain Tile Collection

Bookmatched Tiles

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