With technology moving so quickly, and new smart home gadgets coming out all the time, it’s sometimes easy to get carried away when renovating a property.

When doing full house renovations, we prefer to use technology that will make life easier, save money AND add value to the property.

So, here we look at a few different ways that in-home technology can add value to your property, and potentially increase it’s saleability or rentability.

Smart Lighting

Lighting can have an incredibly dramatic impact on a home. Its not just a simple on/off switch or warm/cool bulb that creates that impact now. With the installation of a smart lighting system you are able to change the mood (kids bedtime, movie night, date night), drive efficiencies (never leave an unwanted light on again), manage security (keep the burglars guessing by having changing patterns of lights on while you’re away).

Installing one of the smart home systems like an Amazon Echo, Apple’s Homekit or Google home, together with some smart bulbs and a mobile device removes the need for what was once a costly installation of a lighting system by a specialist. Wi-fi connectivity to these devices gives you control wherever in the world you are.

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Smart Heating

Wi-Fi based smart heating systems such as Hive bring handheld heating controls to your mobile device in much the same way as the smart lighting mentioned above.

Installing a smart heating system when carrying out a redevlopment is a perfect time to do so as a typical cost for installation is around £250-300, (easily absorbed into the overall redevelopment cost), but shows that you are thinking of the convenience of your buyer in these little finishing touches.

The ability to control your heating from anywhere means that you never have to come home to a cold house on an unexpectedly inclement day. Just pop the heating on, on your way home and walk into a toasty threshold. Similarly easy to stop the hot water clicking on if you know you will be out and not back in time for the usual bath time.


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Smart Speakers

Apple, Sonos, Amazon, Google and many more players are coming to the market to join in with the tech boom that is the smart speaker.

Whether you are shouting to Siri or asking Alexa you can solve a multitude of problems using this versatile tech. They even play music!

Most are linked to apps and initially the manufacturers focus was on ability rather than sound quality, though this is now changing with some solutions appearing that can be used as a single solution to sound and smart operations.

Smart Security

I once heard a statistic that the most ignored sound in the UK was a burglar alarm. Today’s tech is getting round this problem of just annoying the neighbours.

Smart security systems are now alerting you (once again via your mobile device) to the activation of alarms or cameras inside or outside of your home. You can receive these alerts without tipping off the thief thus being able to contact the police and have a greater chance of capturing the culprit in the act. All while their actions are being recorded in beautiful HD.

Numerous systems are available either for self or professional installation with many benefits and features e.g. ignore the pets, track the movement, remote arming and disarming, see who’s been to the front door all from the comfort of wherever you are.

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Adding technology to your home is a great way to create a more comfortable and convenient living experience. Better yet, you may ultimately make money.

With home technology’s continuous evolution, it’s becoming less and less expensive to make these changes to your home renovation project.


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