Camden has an incredibly rich street art culture, with pieces by renowned street artists such as Bambi, Dan Kitchener, Gnasher, Otto Schade, Trust Icon, Irony, the Lost Souls, Ali Hamish, Pegasus and many, many more.

There are far too many stunning pieces to mention, adorning buildings, walls, gates and hoardings all over Camden, but we’ve picked out some of our favourites – check them out next time you’re in town.

1) Amy Winehouse

The iconic North-London born singer Amy Winehouse features in several pieces in Camden – so many in fact that there is now an Amy street art trail you can follow!

The trail takes in this first piece, “tribute to Amy Winehouse”, by Otto Schade on Hawley Street, and culminates at the Jewish Museum with this second piece, “Love is a loosing game”, by Pegasus:

Credit: inspiringcity & totally-london

2) The Lost Souls

We just love this elaborate and incredibly detailed piece on Kentish Road by the Lost Souls (Captain Kris, Squirl, SPZero76 and Si Mitchell):

Credit: londoncallingblog


3) Flaming Aerosol Can

By street artist Irony, “Flaming Aerosol Can” is a stunning piece on Hawley Road:

Credit: inspiringcity


4) John Lennon

The Oxford Arms pub on the corner of Jamestown Road and Camden High Street is home to this fantastic piece by Gnasher, featuring John Lennon:

Credit: londoncallingblog


5) Time For Action

Thamesmead-based street artist Trust Icon has striking pieces all over London, and several in Camden. This tongue-in-cheek piece, painted in 2016 on a gate by the railway arch, features the iconic Alfred Hitchcock holding a can of red spray paint having just written ‘Time For Action”:

Credit: londoncallingblog


If you want to see the best of Camden’s street art, there are several organised guided walking tour you could join. Alternatively, here are a couple of unofficial tours you could follow yourself:

Camden Tour

Camden Tour